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            About Us

                Yongkang Huatai Industry Co., Ltd(Yongkang Virtue Tools Co.,Ltd), founded in 1996 China, is a manufacturer as well as an export company. Yongkang Huatais main products are pruner ,grass shear,lopper,hedge shear,hand tools and garden saw, chain saw,brush cutter,hedge trimmer. 

                Now our plant covers an area of 40,000 square meters and 500 specialized worker,our factory has more than 12.88 million fixed assets. Focused on the gardener’s needs, our company creates tools that are efficient, effective, comfortable and easy to use. Furthermore, Yongkang Huatai carries on the principle of "practical deal with concrete matters relating to work and innovation" cautious to enter into equality and mutual benefit business relationships with customers from all over the world. At present, Yongkang Huatai are serving the America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao Taiwan and other 30 countries market.

                Yongkang Huatai is committed to bringing you the very best in quality, service, value and innovation. So if you have somethings needed, please tell us what we can do for you.

            All copyright reserved 2017-2022© YONGKANG HUATAI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD YONGKANG VIRTUE TOOLS CO., LTD Technical Support:Zhejiangqimi QimiBusiness
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